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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Derby Hattrick Heroes

Once in a generation, we are fortunate enough as Dundee fans to witness that elusive achievement that catapults a player almost to legend status and ensures his name will forever echo through the ages...

...well not quite, but it is nice to see a Dundee player stick 3 past the enemy. It doesn't often happen, so if you've witnessed the feat then consider yourself lucky. If you've witnessed it twice, then consider yourself blessed, if you've witnessed more, then chances are you're an auld fogie.

Andy Campbell was the first Dundee player, indeed, the first player to score a hattrick in the derby. Back in 1926-7, Campbell, already a prolific scorer, notched 4 goals in a 5-0 league victory over the relatively newly renamed Dundee United. Twenty thousand turned out at Dens to witness the one man show. It can be assumed that considerably less turned out to see another Dundee player score 4 goals against United in the Forfarshire Cup that same season. A player by the name of Ramage (thanks Norrie and "They Wore the Dark Blue" for that info) repeated Campbell's feat in a 7-2 win for the Dees.

It was to be 30 years before another Dundee player would score a derby hattrick in a major competition. Jimmy Chalmers, watched by a certain Johnny Scobie and 20,000 others, ran United ragged in a 7-3 win in the League Cup quarter final. United, it seems, don't always win the big derbies. We had the luxury of allowing them a 2-1 second leg win.

As featured recently, Keith Wright became the next player on that very short list of players in the 4-3 game in 1989. It was the first Dark Blue derby hattrick in 33 years and first league derby hattrick in 63 years.

Then of course we have Juan, two, three. A mere 11 years later Juan Sara, a player that splits opinion amongst the Dundee support like no other, would become our first overseas player to join the list. Only 9,838 would turn out for this one, and Sara left it late, scoring his last two goals in the last ten minutes. I'll leave you with a short, but sweet, reminder of the last player to enjoy a threesome.

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