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Friday, 24 July 2009

Dundee V Aberdeen, 13th August 1988

Dundee face Aberdeen tomorrow in a friendly match; it will be the first home game the fans have had the chance to cast a critical eye over the new arrivals at Dens. With that in mind, I've decided to feature the programme from the 1988-89 season's opener against, wait for it, Aberdeen. Topical or what?

A healthy 12,222 turned out to see Gordon Chisolm score in a 1-1 draw. It was the first competitive match for new manager Dave Smith.

"Angus Cook and his belief and desire to see Dundee transformed into a top of the table club was the clinching factor"

"Success with Dundee"
continues Smith "will require three things! Hard work...patience and charity from the fans...a belief we CAN succeed!" Stirring stuff.

He signs off by saying "Let's give Aberdeen a real Dundee welcome!"

Aberdeen had just replaced Jim Leighton with £300,000 Theo Snelders, a player originally earmarked by Manchester United, but eventually recommended to Aberdeen by Alex Ferguson. Alex Smith, we are told, was sacked less than a year after winning the Scottish Cup with St. Mirren but "a man of Alex's ability was not going to be out of the game long" and so he finds himself as co-manager along side Jocky Scott.

We are given season ticket prices over the page- a centre stand ticket- £100- a saving of £32 on pay at the gate. Family tickets- 1 parent and 1 child £95, 2 parents and 1 child £155, 1 parent and 2 children £130, 1 parent and 3 children £165. On the same page the match day programme price has risen to 70p due to the "increasing costs and greater use of colour".

Farther into the programme we are given a few action shots of our 2-0 victory over Newcastle in the Dunclare Dispensers trophy. The quiz once again asks a question about Gordon Strachan- this time which French club was after his signature the previous week? A certain David Young reports from down south. David reckons Liverpool should retain their league crown but Everton should also do well after pinching Tony Cottee for a new British record transfer fee of almost £2.5 million. David assures us that the hooligan problem down south is blown out of proportion and visiting Nottingham Forest (his local team) is as safe as a visit to "Dens or Tannadice" and an away visit to Chelsea "is no worse than following the Dees to Ibrox or Parkhead". That was before going to visit Wembley for the Auld Enemy match, however. "To be frank it was frightening to be a Scot in London that day. Chelsea and West Ham thugs roamed the tourist areas looking for small groups of Scots and several times we were lucky to avoid being attacked". David signs of by saying "I hope Jocky Scott gets a better welcome from the Dundee public today than is usually given to ex-Dundee players and managers". Not being at the game myself David, I couldn't answer that.

Oh, and it was RC Lens after wee Gordon!

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