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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Dundee v St. Johnstone 1967 (part 2)

Staying with the Dundee-Saints semi final, we move on to the final pages from inside the programme which include the photo of Hampden. The caption below the photo reads:

"Here is the venue both Dundee and St. Johnstone are fighting to reach tonight- the majestic Hampden Park. And we are sure many Dens Park and Muirton supporters watching this evening's semi-final at Tannadice will have kept Saturday, October 28 clear-hoping, of course, that Glasgow and Hampden will see them."

The opposite page is a series of articles headed by the line: "How the Game (Financially) has Changed". The opening paragraph states:

"In these days, when colossal transfer fees are all the go, it is strange to think that there could be a hullabaloo about players being paid a trifling sum for giving good and faithful service to a club"

We learn that in the 1880s, those for and against professionalism were bitter enemies and that players would often find pound notes concealed in their boots as way of payment. We also read of the hardships clubs faced before the League came into existence; weighed down by "impossible financial burdens". We are told that despite the League's assistance in sharing out Pools income, some clubs will still struggle and "it would seem this will always be so".

The back page tells us the story of the League Cup and I will leave you with a rather colourful excerpt regarding that season's semi-finalists:

"Of this season's semi-finalists, Celtic (four times) and Dundee (twice) know the thrill of triumph in the final, but Morton have been twice in the final only to taste the bitters of defeat as their opponents sipped the champagne. St. johnstone, on the other hand, have still to reach the exalted berth, but they have no thought of failure on this occasion."

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