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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Dundee V Dunfermline, 13th April 1996

The 1995-96 season was a roller coaster; the first half was memorable for the run to the league cup final and a thrilling 3-2 derby win. However, the second half consisted of poor performances and a slide down the table to a final finishing spot of 5th- one of the worst league placings in decades. Add to that two inept derby performances resulting in limp 2-0 defeats each time.
This game was a 1-1 draw in front of 3,218 hardy souls and O'Driscoll netting for the Dees in the second half. Dunfermline still had a title battle with United but Dundee were well out of the race by then and already looking forward to another season in the First Division. The programme very much has that tone about it also and season tickets are already being offered by the time this game (the 33rd out of 36 league matches) was played.

In Jim's View

Jim Duffy's piece at the start of the programme tells us his view on the season- plagued by inconsistency since losing the Coca Cola Cup final and that the final four games are to be used to give youth a chance seeing as we are out of the promotion race and can't afford to bring in any players.

From the Boardroom
Nigel Squire lets loose in his article assuring fans that as soon as there is anything to report on the club or players then the Dundee fans will be first to know.

"Rumours, innuendos, wink-wink, nudge-nudge stories, people again coming out of the woodwork saying they know somebody whose granny knows somebody else who knows somebody at Dens and it's dead true McCann's off to United, all were proved to be rubbish.

Surprise, surprise, Neil McCann is still at Dens."

Squire then hits out at the critics also:

"I see the letter writers have been writing to the Telegraph again complaining about mismanagement by the board.

Well, here is an open invitation to anybody out there.

My position could be up for grabs, just think- Managing Director of Dundee Football Club, and all you have to do is keep a full time team on the park with crowds of 1,700, 2,000, 2,400, 2,700, pay all the other bills and sign some players over and above this.

I know a guy did manage something like that once with a couple of fish and some loaves but, hey, even I couldn't manage that one!"

Junior Dark Blues
The programme has very little decent content in it other than local businesses' advertisements and the usual appearance and season results tables. The Junior Dark Blues page has a (rather depressing) message from "Big Dee":

"It's very, very sad that Dundee FC won't be playing in the Premier League next season, yet again.

It is difficult to explain why they played so inconsistently over the last few months. The players played really attractive football right up until the Coca Cola Cup. I suppose losing the final was a major blow, but that should not have distracted the players from the main objective which was promotion to the Premier League. I hope Jim Duffy manages to hold onto the good players for next year. I hope someone with lots and lots of money will buy the club, someone who is interested in football. I am sure the players will respond to the challenge next year."

Dens Park Bard
Finally, the Dens Park Bard lets us know what he thought of the previous week's defeat against St. Mirren:

"St. Mirren got two cracking goals,
defensively we faltered -
and so it stayed at two to one,
that score could not be altered.

Instead of trying for more goals,
as if it were a crime;
the Saints persisted to the end
in carefully wasting time.

The ball was booted out the park,
a pastime highly rated -
Returned but slowly to the field.
by Saints fans confiscated.

Or by some mystery injury struck,
and trainer's aid required.
some precious minutes passing on
to give the result desired."

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