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Saturday, 31 October 2009

2009-10 Season Review- October

October started with a cup semi-final against Annan Athletic at Dens. A much changed line up saw the Dark Blues progress 3-0.

"Summergill made some good saves nothing he could do about the goals unfortunately, Annan amazed me for the period up until Dundee scored, they had by far the better of the game, Dundee defence looked definitely rattled when under a bit of pressure, reverting to the old saying "if in doot kick it oot" one ball went clear out of the stadium. Again Cairneys thinking does not match mine, we go 2 down and he substitutes a defender for a defender, granted he later put Storey on, but we had nothing to lose by then, why the fck not Storey for a defender, try to take the match to Dundee. Good luck to Dundee in the final, yesterday would be a good payday for Annan, and Annan supporters were well behind the team, and big J.G. gan tae get yin o they bloody hooters for next weeks game, so that when we get behind it wi the Annan chant, the hooting disny stop." Solwaycoast, Annan-Mad

In the monthly awards, Jocky Scott was awarded the manager of the month while Leigh Griffiths was given the young player of the month award. This complements Harkins's award last month. Partick were the next visitors to Dens Park and Dundee found themselves in an identical position as just before the Ross County game- at home to the league leaders and looking to ensure the visitors don't start putting daylight between us. Dundee scored an early goal and then had to sit back while Partick played some good football. In the second half Harkins got the decisive 2nd goal and Bullock made some incredible saves to keep the score at 2-0.

"We played brilliantly today just lacked something at the end where it counted. And thats where Dundee punished us, Griffiths' goal looked to me [couldn't see very well as it was at the other end but it looked like a simple turn and placed shot past Tuff]
Tony Bullock played the game of his life for you today, really got to hand it to the guy for his age he was big difference even at 2-0 and with you maybe more comfortable he still never slacked off. A really entertaining performance but disappointed we couldn't turn it into goals as we have been able to in the past few games. Not too downhearted though still many games to go although this defeat is a big one." Sampfan101, P&B.

A midweek journey to Ayr followed and there were encouraging signs when Dundee went 2-0 ahead. Top of the league beckoned but, alas, that great Dundee disease of the noughties plagued the Dark Blues yet again. Yes, Dundee let another 2 goal lead slip and the game ended 2-2. Jocky decided to revert to a 4-5-1 once Ayr equalised in an attempt not to lose the match, rather than opting for a late winner.

"Absolutely delighted with what I saw tonight. Lets not kid ourselves, Dundee are a very good team, but we matched them with grit, determination, and some decent stuff too. Leigh Griffiths makes Usain Bolt look sluggish, oh to have someone of his ability in our team. " Ally G, Honestpage

Gary Harkins was ruled out of the Morton game after picking up a knock against Ayr. It was interesting to see how we coped without him and happily we picked up our first away league win of the season. Again, the performance was far from perfect but nevertheless the 3 points came our way.

"Mugged. Simples" hoody, P & B

Dundee's squad depth was being tested by the time Raith visited. Lauchlan was in for Cowan and Harkins was benched. Happily though the Dees won the game 2-1 and results elsewhere meant we moved to top of the league. Griffiths took a knock and there will be a worrying few days before the Rangers cup game to see whether or not he will start that game.

Absolutely gutted we didn't manage at least a point from that. I thought we played pretty well and took the game to Dundee. We failed to clear our lines twice in the first half and were punished for it. Poor goals to lose. Good work from Tadé to set up Darren smith's goal, but I didn't think we had too many clear cut chances in the first. Neither did Dundee in fairness. Dreadfully unlucky in the second half. Bullock had an excellent save near the end, Ferry was unlucky and Dundee got off lightly when their own man put the ball off the post. I thought we should have had a penalty when walker went down, but it's not really easy to tell from the other end." Michael W, P&B.

In the lead up to the Rangers game, Callum Melville announced that Dundee will make an audacious £500,000 bid for Scott Robertson in January. This sparked a war of words between the respective boardrooms on opposite ends of Tannadice Street. Jocky, however, was focused on the cup game and Dundee put in a fantastic effort and despite going 1-0 down, hit back with a tremendous free kick from Griffiths. After the break Dundee took the initiative and had a strong penalty claim denied. A careless own goal seemed to have an extremely negative affect on the players as they spent most of the game deep in their own half. A late seige on the Rangers goal left Dundee exposed at the back and Rangers killed the game. However, despite having players injured, Dundee acquitted themselves extremely well and with two of the next three league games at home there is a real opportunity to cement our position at the top of the league.

Erm, a real opportunity to regain top spot maybe. After being pegged back by Dunfermline at East End park, we gave QOS the opportunity to take top spot- which the duly took. The result may be disappointing in terms of losing a lead once again, but if we can continue our good home form we should be back on top soon.

Some may argue with me however i think Dundee should feel very lucky to get away with a point today as we played well today and played some excellent stuff in certain periods of the game. Tony Bullock saved Dundee numerous times, especially his cracking save from Graham who really should have hit the back of the net." Parscelona, P&B

4th- Dundee 3-0 Annan Athletic, 2,321, League Challenge Cup Semi-final

Higgins, Clarke, Forsyth

Bullock, Paton (Casement 81), Cowan, MacKenzie, Forsyth (Young 77 ), Cameron, McHale, Hart (Harkins 85), Malone, Higgins, Clarke

10th- Dundee 2-0 Partick Thistle, 5,364, (League position- 5th)
Griffiths, Harkins

Bullock, Paton, Malone, Klimpl, MacKenzie, Cowan, Hart (McHale 82), Kerr, Griffiths (McMenamin 75), Higgins (Clarke 75), Harkins.
Subs Not Used: Soutar, Casement.

14th- Ayr United 2-2 Dundee, 1,710, (League Position-3rd)
Forsyth, Griffiths

Bullock, Paton, MacKenzie, Cowan, Malone, Klimpl, Kerr, Forsyth, Harkins, Griffiths, Higgins (McHale)

Subs Not Used: Soutar, McMenamin, Lauchlan, Clarke.

17th- Morton 0-1 Dundee, 2,217, (League position- 2nd)

Bullock, Paton, Malone, Klimpl, MacKenzie, Cowan, Hart (Kerr 83), McHale, Griffiths (Higgins 90), McMenamin (Clarke 75), Forsyth.

Subs Not Used: Cameron, Soutar.

24th- Dundee 2-1 Raith Rovers, 5,156, (League position- 1st)
McMenamin, McKenzie

Bullock, Paton, Malone, Klimpl (Harkins 71), MacKenzie, Lauchlan, McHale, Kerr, Griffiths (Higgins 83), McMenamin, Forsyth.

Subs Not Used: Soutar, Casement, Clarke.

27th- Dundee 1-3 Rangers, 10,654, League Cup Quarter Final

Bullock, Paton, Forsyth, MacKenzie, Lauchlan, Harkins, Malone, McHale, Kerr (Hart), Griffiths (McMenamin), Higgins (Clarke)

Subs Not Used: Soutar, Casement

31st- Dunfermline 1-1 Dundee, 4,001, (League Position- 2nd)

Bullock, Malone, Paton, Forsyth, MacKenzie, Lauchlan, McHale, Kerr, Griffiths, Higgins (McMenamin), Harkins (Hart).

Subs Not Used: Casement, Clarke, Soutar.

October Goal Count:
(L-League; LC-League Cup; LCC-League Challenge Cup)
  1. Griffiths 4 (3-L; 1-LC)
  2. Forsyth 2 (1-L; 1-LCC)
  3. Harkins 2 (2-L)
  4. Higgins 1 (1-LCC)
  5. Clarke 1 (1-LCC)
  6. McMenamin 1 (1-L)
  7. McKenzie 1 (1-L)
Running Total for Season:
  1. Griffiths 12 (5-L; 4-LC; 3-LCC)
  2. Harkins 8 (6-L; 1-LC; 1-LCC)
  3. McMenamin 4 (3-L; 1-LC)
  4. Courier 3 (2-LC; 1-LCC)
  5. Higgins 3 (1 L; 1 LC; 1-LCC)
  6. Forsyth 3 (1-L; 1-LC; 1-LCC)
  7. Cameron 1 (1-LC)
  8. Malone 1 (1-LC)
  9. Clarke 1 (1-LCC)
  10. McKenzie 1 (1-L)
Average Home League Attendance So Far- 5,247
Cumulative League Attendance (6 games)- 31,484

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