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Friday, 16 October 2009

Dundee v Cologne, 1962

This match programme is the most coveted of all Dundee's European Cup programmes. This maybe due to the incredible scoreline of 8-1 in Dundee's favour- perhaps it's only with a little bias that I claim this as one of European Football's most amazing results- or perhaps it is simply a rarer programme. The Evening Telegraph may not have printed off as many copies as they did in the later rounds, or it could be as a result of the game drawing Dundee's lowest crowd of that campaign- a mere, piffling 24,500. Less punters would equal less sales. Whatever the reason, and all things being equal, expect to pay more for this programme than any of the others.

The second page is a message from the chairman- Mr J. R. Gellaty. The Chairman recollects the events at Muirton:

"My special recollection of the occasion is the congratulations showered upon us by St. Johnstone Football Club notwithstanding their own disappointment when all the results came in and it was realised that they were doomed to relegation."

If only their fans were quite so accommodating...!
Over the page we have the obligatory pen pics and team photos.

"The Mighty Men from Cologne" brought with them a very talented team. 'Keeper Fritz Ewert had played for Germany and was also a petrol pump attendant at the time of the game. Fritz Pott was expected to be capped against Yugoslavia later that month and also scored for Cologne in the German championship decider. Karl-Heinz Schnellinger played in that summer's World Cup and was voted in the World Best XI. Another international- Leo Wilden- has a "clear-at-all-costs" policy that "does not endear him to everyone". Another petrol pump attendant and another international was brought in the form of Hans Sturm. Karl-Heinze Thielen was a prolific goal scorer with 25 in 30 games the previous season and a Germany B international. Hans Schafer was a World Cup winner in 1954 and was also a petrol pump attendant. Gerd Hornig was the other B international and Hans Stollenwerk played in the 1958 World Cup in Sweden. So despite this being Cologne's first ever European Cup, it is clear to see why they were joint favourites.
One team member that did not come, however, was "Little John":

"Cologne have had to travel without their team mascot, "Hennes". He's a billy-goat, born in 1948. And he's looked upon as such a good omen that he has been incorporated in the badge which appears on the team's jerseys. Translated, "Hennes" means "Little John". And "Little John" is an ever present at home matches."

Finally there's a piece about Gordon Smith:
"Scotland's Stanley Matthews...the greatest soccer pin-up north of the border since the war. That's GORDON SMITH. Dundee's 38-years-young right winger. Dundee's championship success had a special significance for him. He brought off the unique record of winning first division medals with three clubs- Hibs, Hearts, Dundee. It's over 21 years since he left Dundee North End to start his great career with Hibs for a £10 signing-on fee."

Winning the title with 3 clubs is one thing- but 3 non Old Firm clubs? A feat never to be repeated in my humble opinion.


  1. I have 3 of these programmes.

    1. Do you still have any of the Dundee v Cologne programmes? Would you be willing to sell one and if so at what price?

  2. I have all Dundee's European programmes from Cologne to Perugia.