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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Thought for the Day

Lately I've been busy which has resulted in less posts than I'd have liked, however, there is more to come so please keep checking back.

Today's post is something for us all to think about I'm sure! It is a quote from Rev Harcourt M Davidson back in 1890:

"Football and Church Attendance- The Rev.Harcourt M. Davidson, of St. Andrews Parish Church, Dundee, presiding at the festival of the Wanderers' Football Club last night, said he would not have been the chairman of that or any other meeting were he not entirely of opinion that football was a right, and proper, and manly, and, he would say, a Christian-like occupation for any young man of health. There was no reason why football players should not be present at the Sunday morning church service. It was not the Saturday afternoon that kept the players from church, but what followed. Although they had a black eye there was no reason why they should not be present at church. There had been many an honourable got black eye. If he saw a young man in his church with a black eye, he would just assume that he had been playing football. Football matches, like presbytery meetings, got a great deal of notice in the press. The secular press was down on Presbyteries, and the religious press was down on football, the reason being that neither know very much of what they were talking about."

On that note, it brings to mind another quote of which I know not the origins:

"Sunday is a day for reflection, praise and worship...

...but only if your team deserves it."

1 comment:

  1. Quite remarkable how times have changed in the last 100 years.The Church certainly doesn't have the influence it once had in our modern secular society.
    Whether this is a negative or positive thing is a matter of opinion.
    Christianity has been with us for two thousand years and has seen many changes.
    Maybe the human condition will allow us to actually accept what Christianity really is,rather than how we interperate it.
    Then we may see the wood rather than looking at the trees.
    Faith,hope and love form the basis of the teachings of Christ and the greatest of these is Love (agape).
    Maybe one day......maybe...