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Friday, 9 August 2013

120 Years On...Dundee Harp 3-3 Dundee FC, friendly

The 9th August 1893 saw the newly created Dundee FC take part in a warm up game against Dundee Harp. The Dark Blues were due to play their first ever league game on the 12th against Rangers. However, the performance left a lot to be desired as the local and national press reported:

"The opening made by the Dundee club is not very striking."

That succinct statement sums up the performance and the same article goes on to state that:

"It need not be pointed out that that [league] place was not gained on form; it was given on promises, and they will have to be made good."

The Dundee Courier also gave their critique:

"The Dundee will require to improve greatly if they intend to win their first League match with the Rangers on Saturday."

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